Adele halts concert after fan suffers cardiac arrest

London [U.K.], Mar. 12 : Adele was forced to temporarily halt her concert in Sydney after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest, as footage from the performance shows her stopping midway of a song and expressing her concern for the fan.

Footage of Friday night's concert at the ANZ Stadium filmed by fans attending the Australian leg of her tour shows the singer becoming concerned when medics arrived to attend to a woman in the audience, reports the Guardian.

She can be heard asking the band to stop, saying: "I'm sorry, there's fireworks in this one and I don't want to scare them.

Is it OK to carry on? OK. Sorry, someone got hurt. I'm really sorry." The 47-year-old woman was taken to hospital and was confirmed to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

Also during the performance, Adele explained to the crowd that she might not be able to hit some of the low notes in her Oscar-winning James Bond theme tune Skyfall, as she had written it during pregnancy when she sounded "like a man".

"When I wrote that song, I was heavily pregnant. And a side effect or symptom, however you felt about your pregnancy, was my voice got a lot lower, so my larynx dropped.

Any other females here sound like a man when they were pregnant? No, just me? OK. Basically, that's why the verse is so very low. That's the reason, and these days I do struggle to get down there, so do bear with me, all right?," she said.

Source: ANI