Adventurous tips for senior citizens

New Delhi, July 28 : With so much so happening around, turning old is not limited to sticking at home, under four walls with pair of glasses and newspaper or just chitchatting with your friend for that matter.

There is much more that one can explore other than these cyclic activities.

You can always think of adventurous activities which are specifically meant for senior citizens and are also not very difficult to follow.

With changing generation, people are ready to experiment and here is a quick handy list of the destinations by Aditya Loomba, Jt.

Director Eco Rent a car and Raman Narula, Managing Director, Formula Group basis the traction/booking they get on their platform on things that one can explore:

* Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett: Jim Corbett National Park is few of the best getaways that one must explore to bring out their adventurous side.

With a Jungle safari in the wild, and a visit to the Corbett waterfalls, the mesmerizing experience makes a memory, which one can always to cherish.

Further if you have interest in temple and like to invest time in history, a visit to Garjia temple and Corbett Museum is must.

* Rafting tour : Kullu, being a prime holiday destination, situated on the banks of River Beas, Kullu offers many interesting adventure activities, including river rafting, trekking, river crossing to name a few.

People who enjoy or find solace in water, rafting would be an experience in itself for them as it adds refreshing and dauntless time in your life.

Plus, there is no age bar or any particular requirements except the deep instinct and of course, life jacket!

* Camping at the river side: Khouduang waterfalls in Manipur is a must visit as you can camp under the stars by the bank of Barak River.

One can't afford to miss the euphoric moments to enjoy the view of concave cut-outs of rocks, created by the massive flow of white water.

It's a delightful opportunity to break away and breathe around in lap of mother- nature.

* Hot air balloon Ride: Imagine, you are on this ride and you can literally feel the meaning of - being on top of the world.

There are many places across India like Pushkar in Rajasthan; Kamshet near Lonavala in Maharashtra; Damdama Lake in Delhi/Haryana; Karnataka; Goa where one can try this ride.

The only requirement is that you should be over 4 feet tall, with enough stamina to remain standing throughout the ride.

Smooth gliding journey through the sky is certainly worth the experience!



Source: IANS