Advice for couples facing fertility issues

New Delhi, May 11 : One in every six couples face fertility problems in India, thereby making the process of conceiving strenuous and stressful for many.

While some fertility problems are not preventable, there are vital actions one can take to help initiate a new beginning.

Lavanya Kiran, Gynaecologist at Narayana Healthcare's Women's and Child Institute and Anil Prakash, Consultant at MMG District Hospital, Ghaziabad, have shared tips:

* Eat healthy: While many couples don't focus on this, food and fertility are closely linked.

Help your body in conceiving by consuming a balanced nutritious diet of vegetables rich in vitamins and iron like spinach and broccoli, whole grains (whole wheat, brown rice and millets) and protein like paneer, eggs, fish and soya.

Also, reduce the intake of processed foods, maida and sugar from your diet.

* Be fit and active: By this, we definitely do not mean over exerting yourself.

But following a daily regime of doing moderate physical activity improves hormone balance, blood flow and maximises your chances of getting pregnant.

Avoid straining yourself in order to stay slim, instead maintain a healthy weight. Try brisk walking, light jogging, cycling and sports like swimming to help overcome infertility.

* Track your fertile days using a fertility monitor: It is possible to get pregnant only during a few days every cycle.

That is why it important for couples to educate themselves about their most fertile days as every woman has her own unique cycle which is controlled by their hormone levels.

Therefore, using fertility monitors which identify up to six fertile days of your cycle can help you a lot.

* Reduce stress and anxiety: We know how daunting the process of getting pregnant is. However, letting yourself get affected by the constant pressure of starting a family can affect the chances of getting pregnant.

Stress and anxiety tend to reduce the release of fertility hormones and can even suppress ovulation. So, the next time you think your stress levels are reaching for the roof, try meditating or doing yoga to calm your nerves.

* Share your feelings and talk about it: Building up emotions within oneself is really not ideal for getting pregnant.

Talking about it out to your partner or a confidante will not only help you relieve yourself of the built-up tension but they might be in a better position to share a viable solution.

Many times, talking to friends and family and sharing your inner thoughts can help you combat bouts of anxiety.

* Reduce caffeine and stop alcohol consumption: Cutting down on caffeine and eliminating alcohol can also improve your chances of conception.

While moderate amounts of tea or coffee is safe, you shouldn't have too much. Alcohol, on the other hand, is definitely a no by all means and can aggravate problems like irregular periods and lack of ovulation.



Source: IANS