Afghanistan hands over list of 32 terror camps to Pakistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], Feb. 20 : The Afghanistan Government on Monday handed over to Pakistan a list of 32 terrorist training centres and 85 terrorists based in Pakistan.

The list, which was delivered by Afghanistan's ambassador in Pakistan, came in the backdrop of the brewing tension between the two nations following the last Thursday's deadly blast in a Sufi shrine Pakistan's Sindh Province.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Afghanistan, in a press release, announced that the list contained 32 training camps in Pakistan used as a breeding ground against Afghanistan.

"The letter also added a list of at least 85 Taliban operatives and their leaders in Pakistan. It included other terrorist groups such as the Haqqani terrorist network which have conducted major crimes against the people of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

This was with the intention that Pakistan launches a crackdown against the insurgent groups and hand over the terrorists to the government of Afghanistan," the press release added.

According to TOLOnews, the MoFA statement mentioned that Pakistan responded positively to the letter. "The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expects to jointly work with the Pakistani government on the issue of the list and the concerns the two sides have over their problems so as to deal with matters in a responsible and constructive manner," the press release stated.

Kabul expects Pakistan to take stern action against the terror camps and terrorist groups..

Source: ANI