Afghanistan, Pak, India economic integration key to cooperation: Afghan envoy

New Delhi, Aug. 12 : Afghanistan's Ambassador to India Shaida Mohammad Abdali on Thursday described the current situation in region as very dangerous, especially in terms of security.

He also said Afghanistan, India and Pakistan should consider economic cooperation in a manner that would bring about a change.

"It is a very dangerous situation that we are in, especially in terms of the security that we have, which is worrisome.

Therefore, as I have suggested in my book, communality should become the basis of relationships. We hope that the three of us-Afghanistan, India and Pakistan cooperate in a manner that will bring about a change in terms of security to our people," Abdali told ANI.

Abdali said in his book 'Afghanistan-Pakistan-India: A Paradigm Shift', has focused more upon the economic integration that Afghanistan, Pakistan and India should enter into and suggested Afghanistan could become a bridge between the two countries.

"the agreement that we have in the context of Afghanistan-Pakistan, that we hope would include India in it and at the same time, Afghanistan would be very glad to give free access to Pakistan to Central Asia through Afghanistan," he added.

Asserting that there are possibilities of cooperation, Abdali said there are challenges that we face. "Those challenges require immediate action. Those actions could be in context of economic cooperation and then leading towards the most difficult issue that we have.

It is possible of can't resolve all the problems overnight. You need to start with easy questions and I think the doable among us at this stage is the economic cooperation between the three of us," he added.

Abdali also said that the Army chief of Afghanistan would be in India this month and the aim of his visit is defence cooperation.

Source: ANI