After lauding ‘sahsik’ demonetisation drive, Nitish for action against benami property

Patna (Bihar) [India], Nov. 26 : In what may come as a relief for Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government facing the opposition wrath post the demonetisation drive, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday backed the move and urged the ruling dispensation at the Centre to hit benami property and impose a ban on liquor.

"After demonetisation, the government should also hit benami property and ban liquor because they are the prime sources of black money.

If the business of liquor ban has stopped then find out what are they doing who were indulging in this business.

If they are doing something alternative then its good," he said. Nitish, however, said that the government should have made more preparations prior to announcing this move as the nation is facing difficulties due to demonetisation.

"I would urge the Prime Minister to impose a ban on liquor ban in the entire nation. The nation will be free from corruption if you hit benami property and liquor business," he added. Nitish yesterday described the move as a "courageous step" even as he admitted that "poor arrangements" in its implementation were causing hardship to the common man.

He also dismissed reports of "confusion or fissures" in the grand alliance in Bihar over the demonetisation issue.

The Bihar Chief Minister described the Centre's demonetisation decision as "sahsik" (courageous), which, he said, would help in the fight against black money.

Source: ANI