After tyre burst, SpiceJet aircraft makes safe landing in Jaipur

Jaipur, June 12 : Timely co-ordination by pilots and the air traffic control (ATC) helped avert a major tragedy at the Jaipur airport on Wednesday, when a SpiceJet aircraft make a safe landing after one of its tyres burst while taking off from Dubai.

"As the aircraft descended at Jaipur, the ATC informed the pilots of the suspected tyre burst.

The crew duly followed all the procedures and landed safely at Jaipur. All 189 passengers and cabin crew were deplaned normally," said a SpiceJet spokesperson.

The Dubai-Jaipur bound Boeing 737-800 #SG58 landed at 9.03 a.m.

"The flight was uneventful and no emergency landing was carried out at Jaipur," the spokesperson clarified.

Airport officials added that the event did delay a few flights by 10-15 minutes.



Source: IANS