AgroTech Foods launches ready to eat product ACT II Popcorn Tub

New Delhi, July 28 : An affiliate of the ConAgra Foods Inc. of USA AgroTech Foods Limited announced the launch of its new breakthrough product, ACT II Popcorn Pop 'n' Serve Tub.

The brand, which is synonymous for providing delicious in between snacks, has now introduced a new product that combines convenience and tasteful snacking like never before.

Act II Pop 'n' Serve comes in a movie-theatre like tub format, which can be directly placed inside a microwave, popped and consumed from the tub itself, making the magic of theatre like movie watching in the comfort of home a reality.

"ACT II is one of the biggest success stories in the popcorn category, doubling in size between the year 2010 and 2016.

Putting our consumers' demand as our sole goal, we are excited to introduce Pop 'n' serve tub into the ACT II portfolio that will provide consumers with a unique and delicious snacking experience, recreating a movie theatre like experience at home.

This new addition is the only product of its kind in the Indian market, we are confident it will be relished across ages," said Vice President - Marketing AgroTech Foods Limited, Asheesh Sharma.

Believing in innovating of products, AgroTech tries its best to appeal to consumers across all age groups.

With Pop 'n' serve tub, the company aims to offer simple and easy to make products that doesn't require anything except a microwave.

Source: ANI