All budding athletes, kick back your menstrual pain with ease!

New Delhi [India], Aug. 28 : Post Sakshi Mallick and P V Sidhu's performance at Rio Olympics this year, lots of young girls and budding sportswomen are now indulging themselves into taking up sports even more seriously.

With this determination, comes rigorous mental and physical training for years, without any off. Hence, Dr. Seema Sharma, Delhi based gynecologist of Srishti-The Gynae Clinic, have come up with some tips for the women athletes to take care of themselves during those painful menstrual days.

According to her, while some amount of discomfort is expected during the first one or two days of periods, one should visit a gynecologist before taking medicines or an off.

There are specific problems like endometriosis or adenomyosis, which can cause severe debilitating pain, cannot go away without medications.

Some amount of discomfort gets eased off by regular breathing exercises and meditation techniques. As per doctor's advice, increasing the intake of foods with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, like ginger, avocado, coffee, berries, citrus fruits, may also help.

According to Dr. Mallick, "It is advised that you take a one inch piece of ginger, grate it and squeeze it to extract ten drops of fresh juice.

Mix it with equal amount of honey and have it three times a day for its pain reliving properties. Also, the mixture will help sooth a bad throat also." "There are specific yoga postures, like tree pose or shava asana, which can go a long way to ease pain associated with menses.

Gentle stretching with poses of Surya namaskar is also helpful," she added. The doctor further said, "Regular hydration and keeping a positive attitude towards periods is important.

One doesn't have to stop life or physical activities like fitness training for the sake of periods. If the periods are very heavy, use double protection i.e. a tampon plus a sanitary napkin if you are worried about staining. Medicines are specifically available to reduce the flow temporarily for four to six hours if one does not want to be on regular medicines." Top athletes sometimes push their periods during days of important matches and tournaments.

There is usually no problem in postponing periods for four to five days with the help of medicines, but these should always be taken under expert supervision.

Medically, if a woman has one period in two months, it does not affect her health. Less than four to five periods in a year can increase the risk of gynecological problems in a woman. So all the budding sports-women, get up and exercise without bothering for your periods and work for your dreams of winning medals at Tokyo in Olympics 2020.

Source: ANI