Almost no one can resist the beat of a piano

Tokyo [Japan]/Bangkok [Thailand], Nov.9 : Casio, which has been continuously making high quality electronic pianos and key boards has collaborated with a traditional European piano maker and produced a high grade electronic piano that is as good as a grand piano.

Casio's advanced technology has made it possible for the electronic piano to have the very good sound quality and comfort of playing of the C.

Bechstein grand piano, which has more than 155 years of history and was originally created in Germany.

Koyo Nagoya, Section Manager, Casio Computer Co. Ltd., said, "After days of discussions, reviews and adjustments made between our technicians and the person in charge of development at C.

BECHSTEIN, and the final result is the sound quality of the new Berlin grand piano. The plate is the proof. There are three specialties of this piano: the sound, keyboard and digital functions. In regards to sound, there are three names of pianos are being loved around the world. They are equipped with it. The keyboard used is identical with the one on grand pianos. There is a digital technology set in the back that can make an orchestra be performed as a concerto." The performance of the first class pianists fascinated the audiences.

This is a combination of European traditions and Japanese advanced technology. There is no doubt that it will fascinate music fans. Rintaro Akamatsu, a pianist, said, "The best quality of CELVIANO is not limited to its volume, but also its sound quality, as well as its power of realistic recreation.

I believe CELVIANO functions as the medium that picks up the feeling on the fingers." Security check is required for the space where large number of people entering and exiting.

To respond to the request, the Walk-through Facial Recognition System that utilizes the facial recognition technology from NEC is the answer.

Shingo Ogawa, Manager of NEC Corporation, said, "When using a facial recognition device, the individual security check which is usually done by security personnel or receptionists is now conducted by a computer system.

Since the confirmation is done with very high speed, which is unlike the way the individual check conducted until now, the efficiency and promptness is its specialty." The Walk-through facial recognition system click user's face image and then registers.

Afterwards, hold the IC card up to the card reader when entering. The individual check is done instantly by confirming the image taken by the camera on the gate with registered information.

Ogawa said, "Our Walk-through Facial Recognition System does not need stopping while making the recognition.

It's very convenient since it can be done while the subject walks. The NEC's facial recognition technology has been rated number one in the world for three years in a row.

It's time consuming for checking the face image that belongs to the real person when conducting the individual check.

With this system, the point is that the facial recognition can be done instantly without any delay." Identity frauds can be prevented even the card is borrowed, stolen, or has numeric information leaks.

Also, it's easy to carry and install, and can be utilized for temporary setup. He further said, "The device has been used at the Rio Olympics in Brazil and at international rugby matches held domestically.

In the future, we would like this device to be used in the Tokyo Olympics to ensure safety and security." Thailand has achieved a rapid economic growth in recent years.

However, in mountain areas that are far away from metropolitan territories, the living conditions can still be challenging.

Despite the toughness, Thailand is a country that thinks highly of education and where everyday children are eager to learn.

Here is the mountain area of Chiang Mai Prefecture in northern Thailand, Japan's Meidensha firm is offering support to those children.

In order to enhance the children's learning experience, Meidensha is helping build new schools. Nipon Sengsuebphol, Deputy GM, Administration Department, Thai Meidensha Co., Ltd, said, "We are hoping that the students who studied here can come back when they are older so that they can help the school and contribute to the development of this region." At King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, which bears the future of Thailand's technology, Meidensha organized endowed courses to students in the Electrical Engineering department which is connected to the field of the company's expertise on the latest developments in the electrical machinery field.

A student said,"I hope I can work for a Japanese company in the future, because Japan is a kind of new technology leader." Masayuki Inagi, General Manager, Overseas Business Strategic Management Group, "As a part of the celebration events for our company's 120th anniversary, we have started different activities that contribute to the region's development.

Through the volunteer activities, we take it as a mission to support the infrastructure of the society along with the children and students who will be responsible for the future of Thailand." It's not only inventing new technology, Japanese companies have playing a crucial role towards social upliftment of the society.

Source: ANI