Ananya Birla’s Afrojack remix of `Livin’ the Life` garners 2million views

New Delhi [India], Mar. 24 : The official AFROJACK remix of Ananya Birla's 'Livin' The Life' which dropped worldwide on Universal Music Group's dance imprint PM:AM Recordings has become a huge success! The song is already off to a great start globally with the music video amassing more than two million views in less than a week! The remixed single was released Worldwide on March 3 followed by an amazingly visual music video which added a completely new look to the remix.

The video features underwater shots in extreme climatic conditions to the use of realistic props. Showcasing stunning visual effects, the video depicts a surreal feel through scenic locations of Goa with high end technology and anamorphic lenses and tells a story of a reflection of Ananya and her personality.It explores the two distinct sides of Ananya Birla's character- One of her as an artist and the other of her as an everyday person.

A mix of colors and visual effects, the video moves ahead to bring out that in fact both opposing worlds are magically connected realizing that Ananya's artist self is a culmination from her own experiences in life and is actually two sides of the same coin.

Ananya added, "My team and I gave it everything. It was an amazing experience; I was able to send my message across. I'm glad the concept was able to come through. Looking forward to showing the world the next music video!" Talking about the remix, Afrojack shared "Music has the power to broaden horizons, I made this remix to try and show the potential of unexpected collaborations".

Source: ANI