‘Anti-Black’ tweet lands French Montana in Twitter soup

New Delhi [India], Apr. 7 : French Montana's recent Twitter clapback has left many people rolling their eyes in disappointment.

After stumbling across a twitterer who had written, "The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him..," the 32-year-old rapper sent the social media into a tizzy with his reply.

"U musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe With them nappy ass poetic justice braids take your cum drinking Dick banging ass somewhere n be humble," he wrote.

The Twittersphere immediately dragged him, calling him out for his course and offensive language. "@FrencHMonTanA A non black man who loves black culture, makes money off the culture and hates black people and he dates white women who wanna be black," read one response," while another said, "Fun fact: French Montana isnt black, rips off of black culture while bashing black women." The 'Don't Panic' rapper defended himself in a series of tweets after many called him 'anti black.' He wrote, "My son is black, and I was born in africa I lived there for 13 years.

I ain't no punching bag, and I don't discriminate !don't come for me." "My mother is african queen and I was married to a beautiful black queen.

All I did was defend myself if I affended [sic] anybody I apologize," Montana further wrote, adding, "But this is a perfect example of even when u defending yourself and minding your Business social media would drag your name thru the mud." He also called into The Breakfast Club to explain, "I never said nothing to all the black ladies.

I don't care what the people are going to say. I love my queens, but I just can't take it when someone's trying to come at me. I love the queens. I don't know why they tried to turn it into the racist thing. There are other things to worry about that are really racist.".

Source: ANI