Anti-Pakistan protests by Baloch break-out in Lahore

Lahore [Pakistan], Oct. 30 : Family members and civil society representatives staged a protest outside the Lahore press club on October 28 to demand the release of Abdul Wahid Baloch.

Hani Baloch, the daughter of Abdul Wahid Baloch, joined the demonstration and demanded the safe release of her father.

Hani said that in these conditions where her father is missing, can the authorities understand that she is protesting here only due to her father.

She also revealed that her grandmother, who is in hospital, keep asking about her son and they have tell her a lie that they have seen him in the police station.

"My mother is having blood pressure and my sister is in shock. In such circumstances, I telling them a lie and going out to protest. I don't have any interest in politics, nor, do I want people to know who Hani Baloch is. If my father has done anything wrong, they should tell us. They should follow the constitution and tell us why he is in custody," said Hani. Abdul Wahid Baloch is a social worker and publisher, and a resident of Chakiwara in Lyari, Balochistan.

He went 'missing' on July 26 and his family alleges that he was picked up by law enforcement agencies.

A one-time telephone operator at the Civil Hospital in Karachi, Abdul Wahid was a book lover, and helped Baloch authors publish their works and activists to print their posters.

Baloch activists have since launched #SaveWahidBaloch campaign and are protesting in various cities across Pakistan to demand the release of Wahid Baloch.

Source: ANI