APNRT Society to help avictim’ Telugu students in US

Vijayawada, Jan 31 : Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu (APNRT) Society, the official platform of the state government, will extend all possible help to Telugu students arrested in the United States for alleged immigration rules' violations.

The Society through its 150 coordinators in the US will extend the legal help to the students, held during raids conducted by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Ravikumar P.

Vemuru, President of APNRT Society said Thursday that the students can contact the coordinators, whose contact details are available on APNRT Society website.

They may also contact 24-hour helpline 08632340678.

He told reporters that the students were victims and not crime perpetrators as the US Government claiming.

He advised the parents of the students not to worry.

"They will be fine because there is no clear-cut intention to defraud the US government," he said.

He said barring eight brokers who were arrested the remaining 592 students will not suffer major damage.

The maximum damage they may face is deportation if proved they were adopting illegal means to stay.

Vemuru, who is also advisor to Andhra Pradesh government on Non-Resident Telugu Affairs and investments, said the eight brokers would face the punishment.

APNRT Society CEO K.

Bhavani Shankar said this was sting operation by the US authorities to arrest those involved. He said the brokers had collected money both from the government and the students.

He said the students after completing Optional Practical Training (OPT) did not want to come back and took admission in the fake university.



Source: IANS