AppAlert marks its global foray via Africa

New Delhi [India], Oct 7 : US-based AppAlert Inc's Indian subsidiary AppAlert has announced its global expansion plans with entry in Africa as its first stop.

AppAlert is a the first to launch mobile only platform in the Cloud, that helps parents as well as the school management know the precise location of children when they are on the school bus.

Its Africa entry is marked by deployment of AppAlert at St Bakhita School which has three branches with 800+ students who will benefits from its roll out.

AppAlert is in active talks with schools in other international markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.

The partnership with schools in Africa comes at a time when the Constitutional Divisions of Transport and Education across provinces seek to establish a reliable and safe scholar transport system.

AppAlert's venture into Africa follows the USD 900,000 funding raised by the company earlier this year that was led by US based serial investor Narinder Singh.

Africa exposes students to difficulties like traffic jams and transport is also not easily available from school on a daily basis, resulting in unforeseen situations like crime, exhaustion, and more.

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, in particular suffers from never-ending traffic snarls on a day-to-day basis.

In such a scenario, AppAlert catering to schools and parents in Kenya and across Africa will be an invaluable tool as it provides real-time information of school bus to school authorities and parents alike.

"A safe and secure transport system for pupils is one of our key priorities as we fulfill our responsibility of providing a quality education.

Parents feel insecure when their children are travelling to and from to school and stressed about the unpredictable transport situations that come along with it.

AppAlert will provide an informed and secure transport facility for families, this will give parent a piece of mind at all times and also help them manage the time of kids pick up and dropping times," said Chairman Infiniti and Beyond Limited and former CEO Kenya National Examination council, Kenya, Paul Wasanga.

"We are pleased to partner with AppAlert to bring this invaluable innovation in Africa and we have received a lot of enquiries from schools and parents," added Paul Wasanga.

"We are excited to venture into Africa via the market of Kenya and bring the services of AppAlert to the schools and parents of in major cities and towns.

Our foray into Africa marks our entry into the global market and is aligned with our mission of using smart technology to support the educational endeavors of institutes across the globe.

By going completely mobile and in the Cloud, we have fundamentally changed the entire paradigm our school-bus tracking system requires no installation, no hosting and maintenance.

All the schools require is a mobile device and both the school and parents can get an Uber-like experience to an everyday challenge," said Founder AppAlert, Ashuvinder Ahuja.

AppAlert leverages precision map based tracking systems along with roll-call capabilities to help parents as well as the school management know the precise location of children who are using the school bus.

For the school administration, the platform enables gathering information related to over-speeding, accidents/ breakdowns, unscheduled stops, rash driving, traffic congestion, and panic alarms.

These features, along with Location and Speed Alerts, ETA Accuracy, Geo-Fencing Routes and Student Loading Factors make AppAlert the most comprehensive mobile app in providing intelligence on children's transit to and from school.

Source: ANI