Apple may launch AR ‘contact lenses’ in 10 years

San Francisco, March 8 : Known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple will release augmented reality "contact lenses" in the 2030s.

According to MacRumors, Kuo said the lenses will bring electronics from the era of "visible computing" to "invisible computing."

"We predict that Apple's MR/AR product roadmap includes three phases: Helmet type by 2022, glasses type by 2025, and contact lens type by 2030-2040," said Kuo.

According to the analyst, these AR contact lenses are "unlikely to have independent computing power and storage." It's possible they would be connected to an owner's iPhone to get data.

In addition, Kuo said that Apple has several prototypes of its headset that weigh 200-300 grams but the final weight could be reduced to 100-200 grams if it can solve some technical problems.

This would make them significantly lighter than existing VR devices.

Apple is reportedly working on the most advanced and powerful chips for its unannounced VR headset, with some chips reportedly beating its own M1 Mac processors.

The iPhone maker may use a fabric exterior to reduce the headset weight, but the company is also using a fan -- an unusual move for Apple given its emphasis on fan-less design.

The upcoming Apple VR headset will be similar to the Oculus Quest, and some prototypes being tested include external cameras to enable some AR features.



Source: IANS