Nitish Kumar loses his cool again in Bihar legislative council

Patna, March 8 : Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday lost his cool again after RJD MLC Subodh Rai interrupted the rural development minister during supplementary questions in the Bihar legislative assembly.

Nitish Kumar asked Rai to sit down and not interrupt anyone until questions and supplementary questions of a legislator are completed.

"You (Subodh Rai) should learn the operational guidelines of the House and then ask questions.

If a legislator is asking a question and supplementary questions, then let the concerned minister answer the question.

Why are you interrupting the House until their question and supplementary questions followed by answers of the minister are completed," Kumar said.

Subodh Rai also argued with Nitish Kumar and said: "When ruling parties legislators ask supplementary questions you cannot say anything to them but when RJD legislators ask questions, then you become angry."

The entire incident was triggered after RJD MLC Mohamad Farukh asked a question about the bad roads of Bihar and rural development minister Jayant Raj was answering it.

While interacting with the media, Subodh Rai said: "The old age of Nitish Kumar affected him.

He is frequently getting angry these days."

Sharawan Kumar, a JD-U leader and former parliamentary affairs minister said: "The law is equal for all.

The House is run following certain guidelines that come under the law. No one can justify an act like that of the RJD MLC."

Rai was involved in an argument with Nitish Kumar 10 days ago as well when he asked a question on the worsening law and order situation in Bihar.

The chief minister angrily asked him to sit down. "You do not know anything," Kumar said.



Source: IANS