Appreciate women who came forward with guts, courage: Sinha on #MeToo

Mumbai, Feb 7 : Actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha on Wednesday said that he appreciates and applauds women who have come out with their stories of sexual harassment and rape, during the #MeToo movement, with guts and courage.

"I highly appreciate and applaud those women, who, better late than never, have come forward with guts and courage...," Sinha said at the launch of a book by author Dhruv Somani here in Mumbai.

"Today is the time of #MeToo, and there shouldn't be any shame or hesitation...," he added.

Sinha also said that he is fortunate that his name hasn't come out in the #MeToo movement despite everything that he has done.

"I really call myself fortunate that in today's times, despite everything that I've done, my name hasn't come out in the #MeToo movement.

Hence, I listen to my wife and often take her as a shield with me so that even if there's nothing, I can show, 'I am happily married, my life is good'," he said.



Source: IANS