Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and others ‘terrified’ as US Trump-ed!

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.9 : After months of uproar, the United States of America finally gets Trump-ed. As the world was eagerly waiting for the same, the election-mania trended high on Twitter under hashtags #HungerGames and #wtfamerica, while the phrase "WHAT IS HAPPENING" was used frequently enough to place it on the Trends page on the social media site, reports People Magazine.

Hillary Clinton, who has been swept away in by Donald Trump on the battleground, had heavy backing among celebrities.

Some among them took to Twitter to express their sentiments regarding the result of the United States presidential election, some calling it "is utterly terrifying." - Ariana Grande: "Well this is utterly terrifying." - Ellen DeGeneres: "@HillaryClinton, however this ends tonight I am so proud of you and so honored to be your friend." - Kristen Bell: "Anyone else wanna puke?" - Leslie Jones: "Welp! I'm going home early cause I don't know wtf is happening! I want to be near my weapons cause it's gonna be crazy if he wins! Lol." -Trevor Noah: "5 steps forward.

10 steps back." - Shonda Rhimes: "Really, people? ANYONE can be President? ANYONE? ANY-ONE?" "No but seriously: THIS many of you don't mind the body-part grabbing xenophobic man who says "there's my black over there?" she added.

- Demi Lovato: "Where is #OliviaPope when you need her?" - Shakira: "Choose hope. Choose hope. Choose HOPE. #imwithher".

Source: ANI