Armaan Malik curious if social distancing is possible during a concert

Mumbai, Jan 30 : Singer Armaan Malik is curious to learn whether social distancing is possible during a concert.

Armaan took to Twitter on Saturday to express his concern.

"Can you imagine social distancing at a concert," the singer tweeted.

Commenting on his tweet, fans suggested that even if such a thing happens, it is not possible in India.

They also clearly mentioned that they are not eager to maintain social distancing if they attend Armaan's concert.

"Not possible in India," commented a fan of the singer.

"You might be kidding I guess that is not possible.

And if it is your concert then we cannot even think of doing social distancing," expressed another fan.

"Yess Armaan it's very different and difficult to do social distancing if fans attend the concert of their favourite artist," suggested another fan.

"Keeping a one arm distance from each other would remind us of attending school's assembly," shared another fan.

Several fans singer suggested a concert should only be arranged once things get better because they want to meet and hug Armaan.



Source: IANS