Armaan Malik reminds music lovers to wear masks at live concerts

Mumbai, March 1 : Singer Armaan Malik on Monday reminded fans of the importance of wearing masks while attending public gatherings such as live concerts amid the ongoing Covid pandemic.

"I am seeing so many live concerts on my timeline where people in the audience are without masks.

Like dude, cmon," Armaan tweeted.

Fans commented on his post with their opinion.

"They think that Covid has gone. Even in daily life people travelling through public transport they are not wearing the masks I don't know why these people are acting such a way in the pandemic," wrote a user.

"Tbh there shouldn't even be any concerts during this pandemic.

People need to be vaccined first and there has to be clear evidence according to scientific research that it is safe to hold events ect.

Yes we will get through this but I think it will take time," commented another user.

Armaan recently took to Twitter to express his concern about people who have been badly affected by the pandemic.

"Strength to all those people struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic phase.

It's not an easy time and I cannot even imagine what some of you must be going through," Armaan expressed in tweet a few days ago.



Source: IANS