Army deployment issue will be raised again in parliament: CPI

New Delhi [India], Dec. 3: The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Saturday said the army deployment issue will be raised again in parliament and the government will have to give a convincing explanation.

CPI leader D. Raja said the issue of army deployment was raised in Rajya Sabha. "The issue will be raised again on Monday when parliament meets. So, government will have to come forward with a convincing explanation for the deployment of army in the state of West Bengal," he told ANI.

Raja further said that, "The MoS Defence, responded to the issue; he tried to tell the house that the deployment of the army is part of a routine exercise.

In fact, he did say there were some communications between the police and the army. It was not done only in West Bengal, but in several other states also." "Similar exercise was undertaken by the Eastern Command.

But questions were raised whether it was done with the knowledge of the state government, with the approval of the state government, whether it would destabilise the federal system of our governance, whether this would impact centre-state relations.

All these questions were raised," he added. Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee threatened to take legal action against the Narendra Modi government if army deployment is not removed from certain areas across the state.

"If the government doesn't withdraw the army deployed in the state, we will fight legally," she said after emerging from the secretariat.

Mamata has accused the central government of "deploying the army" along a highway toll plaza at the second Hooghly Bridge, about 500 metres from the secretariat 'Nabanna' in neighbouring Howrah district.

Source: ANI