Around 600 schools stay shut in Afghanistan due to insecurity

Kabul, Aug. 10 : The education ministry said almost 600 schools remain close in Afghanistan due to insecurity and Taliban activities.

Minister of Education Asadullah Hanif Balkhi urged the warring sides on Tuesday to not attack schools or use them as shields.

"We call on all warring sides to avoid attacking schools and using them as shields. The fate of the sons of this soil should not be damaged," Tolo News quoted him as saying. He added that 500 to 600 schools are closed all over the country due to insecurity. The head of Afghanistan Human Rights Organization, Lal Gul Lal while talking on the issue said that unfortunately, Afghanistan faced the highest civilian casualty toll last year and in the past few months adding that according to human rights and international laws, the lives of civilians and their property should remain safe in times of war.

Meanwhile, a member of Ghor provincial council, Sakhi Jawed, said Taliban activities have increased in parts of the province.

According to reports, at least 10 districts in the country are under Taliban control. However, the Defense Ministry has said that none of the district centers have fallen to militants this year.

Source: ANI