Arshi Khan buys a flat in Mumbai

Mumbai, March 9 : Arshi Khan, who was recently seen on "Bigg Boss 14", has fulfilled her dream of buying a flat in Mumbai.

Arshi reveals she had planned to buy a house in Mumbai before last year but then lockdown happened.

"I was in talk to buy the property for a long time. I booked it in 2019 but then in 2020 Covid happened. I was not that strong financially at that point, and with no work I was literally stressed about how I would arrange the sum," she recalled.

Her luck, however, turned for the better.

"Luckily my movies happened then, besides OTT shows. 'Bigg Boss' was a great help. I was literally risking everything to buy a house here in Mumbai, just to make my dream come true," she said.

"I feel my dream has been fulfilled by the blessings of God and my parents.

It was God who gave me the fortune to do Bigg Boss this year. I remember being approached for the show last to last year, but unfortunately things did not fall in place.

So, I am in a happy place now," she added.

"I always had a dream to own a house in Mumbai for a long time now.

I was living on rent. I also own a flat in Bhopal, and a farmhouse there. But having a dream house in Mumbai was like buying a flat on the moon, and but I am living it!" Arshi signed off.



Source: IANS