Ashton Kutcher was happy with Mila Kunis’ “Guinness” like penis statement

WashingtonD.C., July 28 : Ashton Kutcher was "very happy" when his wife Mila Kunis claimed his manhood is like "a Guinness." "He was very happy about the Guinness.

And then I was like, 'I should've been like a 40! Listen, it's a fact. He's like a Guinness, you guys," she said, reports E! Online. The 'Black Swan' actress also played a game of Good Mom or Bad Mom, where she was asled whether using an iPad to entertain a kid makes someone a good or bad mom, she said, "Well, I've done it.

I have a very sweet daughter. She's very sweet. So she'll go to the park and just hug you, but not all kids want to be hugged.".

Source: ANI