Assam Rifles acting as messenger of peace on motorbikes

Agartala (Assam) [India], Oct 27 : The Assam Rifles (AR), which is known for its aggression and active role of counterinsurgency, has adopted a new method to bring peace in the northeast.

The paramilitary force has organised a unique bike rally to spread their message of peace and brotherhood, particularly among the youth.

As bike attracts the youth, hence the AR, one of the oldest paramilitary forces, has organised this bike rally to disseminate their message of peace among the new generation covering even the remotest villages on motorbikes.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar interacted with the troopers, who took part in the motorcycle rally, at the Assam Rifles ground in Agartala and praised them for their unique initiative.

Praising the roll of AR in upholding peace Sarkar said, "For 40 years the northeastern region has been suffering from extremism and terrorism.

Some of them have been raising this demand that Nagaland should be independent, Assam should be divided into pieces, independent Tripura and some of them have voiced this demand that northeast region should be alienated from our dearest motherland India.

The rally is significant and shall have an impact on particularly the youth of the region in understanding the importance of peace which is precondition for development." "Our enemies who did not like our independence, who are not happy with our independence they have exploited this opportunity.

They have misled the frustrated youths of this region, provided arms in their hands, motivated in a wrong direction to go to jungle and raise all these demands.

Terrorism will not solve any problem of the mankind; extremism will not take or pave any positive development in our society or for the advancement of our civilization.

In this situation what is needed most that is development," he added. "Twenty troopers took part in the expedition that started from Mizoram and after covering three other states, including Tripura, Assam and Meghalaya, will cover some 3250 km, especially the remote areas, spreading the message that long-lasting peace and tranquillity can only lead to development of the region," said Major Amit Dugal, the team leader of the bike rally.

Meantime, Colonel Nishant Kumar, Commandant of 4th battalion of AR, said the peace expedition was the vision of the Inspector General of AR (East) Major General M V Chandran, who wanted the troopers to meet people in the remote areas and understand their problems and as well disseminate the message of peace and harmony.

After covering various areas of Tripura the team shall reach Assam on Friday..

Source: ANI