Attitude of politician determines attitude of security personnel: JD (U) on Mahesh Sharma row

New Delhi, Aug. 19 : After the shocking incident involving Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma's incident came in light, where three security guards of a housing society were brutally beaten by his security personnel, the Janata Dal United JD (U) on Friday said the attitude of security personnel towards the common people is determined by that of the politicians.

"Incidents like this damage the image of a politician. This should be taken care of. It is upto us that what will be the attitude of the security personnel towards the common people and others.

So, a political figure must always be cautious because his act and work is being observed by everyone," JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav told ANI.

Yesterday, three security guards of Ashiana Greens were brutally thrashed by Mahesh Sharma's private security personnel for enquiring about the purpose of his visit.

The Minister, however, said that he has suspended his private security personnel after he thrashed the security.

Sharma further said that that he was a frequent visitor to the society, as his sister lives there and was well aware of security protocols.

"He was my private security guard. My guard and the security guard of the society had a scuffle. The scuffle was caused because my guard told him that being a minister, I could have been exempted and let the guards complete the procedure," he said.

The security guards claimed that Sharma was questioned for merely two minutes after which he was allowed to enter.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Atul Yadav told ANI that a complaint was filed by the apartment's secretary and assured of an investigation in the matter.

Source: ANI