Australia: Indian cabbie hospitalized post racial attack

Hobart [Australia], May 22 : An Indian cab driver suffered injuries and fell prey to a racist attack in Sandy Bay, Tasmania, on Friday.

Speaking to ANI here, the driver, who said he was not allowed to disclose his name due to legal proceedings, narrated his horrific ordeal.

He picked up a couple on Friday night around 10.30 pm, and was heading to a McDonalds drive-thru. The female passenger reportedly kept opening the door to throw up despite requests from the driver to close it to avoid a possible collision.

After his repeated objections in opening the car door, the couple started hurling profanities and racial slurs at the driver.

The couple then de-boarded the taxi and started damaging the vehicle by repeatedly kicking it, the driver said.

The female passenger then started screaming racial slurs at the Indian driver calling him a "bloody Indian," as the cab driver filmed their violence.

The taxi driver reported that the male passenger subsequently punched him from behind, and pushed him to the ground.

He was repeatedly kicked and punched on the ground as the male passenger said, "You f****** Indian, you deserve it." Subsequently few people came to his rescue, as police and ambulance reached the spot.

The victim was admitted in the hospital overnight due to his injuries. The victim has alleged that the police have not registered the seriousness of the matter and have not checked the CCTV footages from the drive-thru.

Another witness has come forward to testify on behalf of the cab driver and has presented a video footage of the incident.

Source: ANI