Azad statements unfortunate, answerable to Parliament: Naqvi

New Delhi [India], Nov. 18 : Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Friday said Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad's remark on demonitisation were 'unfortunate' and suggested that the congress is losing ground without valid facts to prove its points.

"The statement of Azad is unfortunate. Connecting demonetisation with Uri is wrong and certainly he would have to answer about it in Parliament," Naqvi told ANI.

He further said that people hiding black money are the one's having problem with the government's initiative.

"If the opposition would give some positive suggestion, we will surely accept it, but instead of that they are creating a hindrance in the working of parliament and blaming us which will provide any benefit to them," he said.

On Thursday Azad earlier drew parallel between the demonetisation drive and the Uri terror attack of September 18.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Azad said that the Pakistani terrorists did not kill half the people in Uri than the number of people who have been dead due to the government's wrong policy.

Source: ANI