Bangladeshi expatriates fear loss of jobs in wake of Gulf snapping ties with Qatar

Dhaka [Bangladesh] June 9 : Bangladeshi migrants are reportedly distressed over the possibility of them losing their jobs as seven Gulf region countries have snapped diplomatic ties with Qatar on grounds that it is backing terrorism in the region.

"Commodity prices have already soared after Monday's incident. The vegetables, among other food items, got pricier in the meantime." said a Bangladeshi driver of Qatar Transport.

However, the Embassy of Bangladesh has said that migrants will not be affected by the issue. According to Dr. Md. Serajul Islam, Labour Counsellor at the embassy in Doha, the Bangladeshi community will not be affected even if the situation turns worse.

Dr. Islam expects the situation to normalize soon, as the Kuwaiti Emir is trying to negotiate with Saudi King.

He has assured that the embassy will remain open for Bangladeshis for any emergency..

Source: ANI