B’desh PM urges youth to stay away from drugs, terrorism

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Nov. 1 : Urging the youth to use their talents and inborn abilities for self development as well as for Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the young generation of the country to stay away from drugs and terrorism.

The Dhaka Tribune quoted Hasina as saying, "We dream about the development of our nation as we have a youth force which is one-third of the total population and many countries of the world do not have that advantage." Hasina, who inaugurated the National Youth Day at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium in Dhaka today, said they don't want their youth force to go astray and become a pain for their parents.

She asked the young generation to refrain from getting involved in drugs, terrorism, and militancy as they are not the right path to a flourishing life and will not bring any good to their families or the nation.

The Prime Minister said that those who kill people by creating religious fanaticism will definitely go to hell.

Referring to the opportunities of training, credit facilities and consultative services, Hasina urged the youth to take optimum opportunities offered by the government.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Biren Sikder, Deputy Minister for Sports Arif Khan Joy and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Youth and Sports Zahid Hassan Russel were also present at the function.

Director General of Department of Youths Anwarul Karim gave the welcome address on the occasion. Bangladesh is observing National Youth Day with the slogan of "Atto Karmi Jubo Shakti, Teksoi Unnayaner Mulbhitti" (self-employed youth force, foundation of sustainable development).

National Youth Award was distributed by the Prime Minister to 19 youth for entrepreneurial duties and creating job opportunities for other youngsters.

Source: ANI