Be confident in your own skin, says this new campaign!

New Delhi [India], Dec. 26 : Committed to its promise of bringing a woman's inner glow to the fore and enhancing her confidence, Parachute Advansed Body Lotion (PABL), a brand that embodies 'trust and nourishment' has launched its latest digital campaign.

The brand highlights the importance that confidence plays in a young woman's life. Anchored yet unafraid, modest yet sensuous, it represents the kind of woman who believes in her ideals.

The campaign stresses on the fact that it is solely a woman's choice to wear what she wants or the amount of skin that she shows, and nobody else has the right to dictate it.

The TVC portrays how society comments on the choices the modern day woman makes. It begins with people along the street ogling at a girl wearing a short skirt, to another girl wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt.

It transitions to the next scene where the girl is advised to cover herself with a 'dupatta' as the voiceover goes - "Sunoh, issey dupatta pehnao".

The campaign then portrays different scenes, wherein the modern woman faces scrutiny. From wearing backless clothes, to revealing dresses, to tops that attract attention, the judgement keeps pouring in.

It ends with a girl being called a 'behenji' for dressing conservatively until she changes into edgy shorts, a crop top and finally rides away on a motorcycle as the voiceover goes - "zyadqa bano mat.zyada tano mat".

Through the subtle sarcasm, the campaign communicates that the judgment of society should never stop women from being their real selves, rightfully capturing the essence of PABL.

Source: ANI