?Beauty Tips-Face Cleansing

The most important physical aspect of our body-it looks back at you looking dry, or oily or listless or the way you make it i.e.: glowing and radiant. Start by giving yourself 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at bedtime. The weekends can be used for longer treatments.
Lets start with the cleansing routine.


Tips 1:

Take 1 tbsp of un-boiled milk, dip a small pad of cotton wool in this and rub on the face gently. Use circular movements, use upward strokes on the neck area. Leave this on for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Tips 2:

Take a thick slice of cucumber. Don’t peel the slice, rub in a circular motion all over the face and neck areas. Wash after 15 minutes.
Tips 3:

Halve a tomato, gently rub over face and neck and wash after15 minutes.
Tips 4:

Take the half of a lime peel, from which the juice has been after washing off the milk or juice – take a tsp of oat bran or wheat husk or gram flour (besan). Make a paste with a few drops of water and rub the face and neck gently with this. This sloughs away the dead cells and gives the face a glow. Don’t use soap, just splash on cold water that will act as an astringent and close the pores.

Tips 5:

Use green gram powder or rice flour mixed with curds instead.

Oily Skin: If the face is oily,

After a bath as a base for make-up use some diluted limejuice to dab on before application of foundation or any other make-up.
Tips 6:

Diluted buttermilk dabbed on the face and left for 15 minutes,gently wipe with moist cotton wool before applying make-up.

Tips 7:

Rub the face well with an ice cube.
Tips 8:

Slice an Apple into thin slices. Place these on the face andleave for 15 minutes. These soak up the extra oil and helps toclose pores.extracted, rub this firmly on the face and the neck. Using a Scrub-(once in 3-4 days).