Benapole-Petrapole check post to enhance good relation with India: PM Hasina

Dhaka, July 21 : Terming India as a friend country, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said good relations between the two countries will be enhanced through the newly inauguration of border check post at the Benapole-Petrapole point of India-Bangladesh border. Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi jointly inaugurated the check post through a video conference, in a bid to facilitate increased trade between the two countries. From her official residence Gono Bhaban in Dhaka, Hasina said that business relations between Bangladesh and India will be sustainable and strengthened. "As the business between two countries grows, the economic condition will also improve sustainability. So, by congratulating everybody, I wish through Petrapole check business and trade between the two countries develop," Hasina said. "We will be able to solve any problem by holding bilateral talks with India," she added. The video-conference was also joined by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Petrapole-Benapole is an important land border crossing for India-Bangladesh trade as more than 50 percent of the India-Bangladesh trade passes through Petrapole. Trade worth more than Rs. 15000 crore takes place through the checkpost, which is more than all the other Indian land ports and land customs stations put together. The Petrapole ICP will provide better facilities for effective and efficient discharge of functions such as security, immigration, customs, quarantine, etc. while also providing support facilities for smooth cross-border movement of persons, goods and transport. It will also serve to foster greater economic integration and connectivity between India and Bangladesh. Petrapole ICP will be the second ICP on the India-Bangladesh border after the Agartala ICP at the Agartala-Akhaura land border.