Bengal first among 5 poll-bound states in improved living standards

New Delhi, Feb 27 : West Bengal was at the first rank in improved living standards of people - the highest among the five poll-bound states in the last one year, according to the IANS Cvoter survey.

Over 38,932 people in 294 Assembly seats in West Bengal participated in the survey, up to 26.86 per cent replied their living standard has improved in last one year and 31.21 per cent said their standard remained the same, 41.39 per cent replied their living standard has deteriorated, while 0.54 per cent participants said they can't evaluate.

Kerala which is also among the poll-bound states, secured the second position where 8,796 participants from 140 Assembly seats replied that living standard of 21.76 per cent people has improved in the last one year.

35.45 per cent participants replied there has been no change in their living standard and 42.72 per cent said their living standard has deteriorated instead in last one year, whereas, 0.08 said they can't say.

Similarly, survey based on 4,776 participants from 126 Assembly seats in Assam, where 19.26 per cent claimed their living standard has improved, 23.54 per cent found no changes, whereas, 48.58 per cent were of the view that their standard has deteriorated and 8.62 per cent could not say.

In Tamil Nadu, 11.85 per cent claimed improvement in living standard, 30.29 per cent found no difference, 52.54 per cent found their living standard had deteriorated and 5.32 per cent said they can't say.

The survey in Tamil Nadu was based on 16,475 participants from 234 Assembly seats.

As per the Cvoter survey, 20.88 per cent participants in Puducherry found their living standard improved in the last one year, 29.25 per cent said they found no difference, while 49.05 per cent said their living standard had deteriorated.



Source: IANS