‘Big Brother’ viewers dub show as ‘fixed’

London, July 28 : After Jason Burrill was crowned as the Big Brother champion this season instead of Hughie Maughan, many fans branded the show as "fixed." The regular audience of Channel 5 reality series even threatened to boycott the show all together as they were convinced their votes did not count, reports the Mirror.

Enraged viewers even took to Twitter to vent out their anger, with one writing, "I've decided to not watch Big Brother anymore it was fixed." "@bbuk going to give big brother a miss now very disappointed that it's all fixed," another one posted.

"What a total joke big stinking big brother is. It was fixed from the very beginning. Jason not the deserving winner," later a viewer wrote. "I am disgusted at big brother! @bbuk what the hell?@EmmaWillis @Rylan Fixed yet again...." tweeted the other.

These comments came after Big Brother runner-up Hughie stated that he too was surprised with the result.

"If I'm honest, I have been a fan of Big Brother for such a long time. I would say someone like myself or Ryan [Ruckledge] are the type of characters who have won in the past.

Jason just doesn't feel like a Big Brother winner to me. I don't know why he won," he said, adding, "Maybe people looked at him and the fact that he fell out with so many people, and they felt sorry for him.

But there weren't gangs against him or anything like that. All the problems came off his own back!".

Source: ANI