Bira 91 featured as beer of the month at United Nations

New Delhi [India], May 9 : Bira 91, the global, craft beer, today announced its selection for the "Beer of the Month" Program at the United Nations.

The first globalcraft beer will be featured throughout May at the North Delegates Lounge and will be served to delegates, ambassadors and other special guests visiting the Lounge.

Bira 91 is the first imported beer to be selected for the program. Later this month, its Founder and CEO Ankur Jain will lead a tasting and discussion where he will share the company's success story and his own journey as an entrepreneur.

The tagline of the beer is 'Imagined in India, for the World', is a natural complement to the world's foremost intergovernmental organisation, spanning 193 sovereign member states including founding member India.

"We're very excited to introduce Bira 91 to global consumers and members of the U.N.," Jain said. "The United Nations Delegates Lounge is a fantastic space for delegates and other global leaders to share their ideas and come up with solutions to make the world a better place.

Now they can do so while enjoying a cold Bira," he added..

Source: ANI