BJP baffled over Congress’ ‘logic’ behind endorsing Mohan Bhagwat as President

Bengaluru(Karnataka) [India], Apr.04 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday expressed its bafflement over Congress' 'logic' behind endorsing the name of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Mohan Bhagwat for President, adding that the grand old party is becoming a 'laughing stock' by doing so.

"After the turn of Sanjay Raut, now Congress senior leader CK Jaffer Sharief has endorsed Mohan Bhagwat's name for the Presidential post.

Mohan Bhagwat has already clarified his commitment and service is for the RSS. This type of statement is only entertainment but still I am unable to understand the logic behind this demand by section of people even though they are well aware that RSS does not medal in politics and chief of RSS will not accept such an offer from any quarter," BJP leader S Prakash told ANI.

He further said that people, appealing for Mohan Bhagwat's candidature, should understand RSS and its function, or else face the danger of becoming the laughing stock in public domain.

Meanwhile, endorsing as Presidential candidate, Karnataka Congress leader Jaffer Sharief said the former, being a patriot will able to take responsibility of ensuring safety to the nation and Constitution.

"When Mohan Bhagwat's name surfaced in the newspaper for Presidential post, I thought about it. Why can't he become the President? A doubt arises that minority group in this country are against them.

I want to remove this doubt from people's mind. I want people to understand that everyone is equal. It is a very big responsibility to develop the nation and to ensure safety to the nation, its people and Constitution and I think Mohan Bhagwat, being a patriot, will able to take this responsibility efficiently," Sharief told ANI.

Sharief yesterday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding for the same and said there should not be any doubt about his patriotism.

"I personally feel that nobody should find fault with Shri Mohan Bhagawat's name being considered as a choice for the Presidentship of our country.

There are different schools of thought in India and it is but nature for such a vast secular country. Shri Mohan Bhagwat may belong to one school of thought, but there should not be any doubt about his patriotism, love for the people of India, loyalty to the nation and commitment to the constitution of India and to the democracy," Sharief wrote in the letter.

"I, therefore, strongly feel that no one should make an issue unnecessarily by opposing the very consideration of Shri Bhagwat's name itself," he added.

He further asserted that people belonging to other shades of opinion too should show large heart, faith and confidence in every upright patriotic India and should not doubt as long as one works under the constitution of India.

"As a Muslim person belonging to minority community of India, I feel that the minorities should not have any fear or crisis of confidence in Shri Mohan Bhagwat's name being considered.

I am sure that right thinking people of India would appreciate and accept my view and hope our political parties will also be broad minded and large hearted and do their best in living upto the expectation of the secular people of our country," he added.

However, Bhagwat himself has made it clear that he was not interested in the post. "We close all doors on politics before coming here. When we work in the Sangh, we don't go there (to such high posts). There are many Swayamsevaks up there and they know it well," the RSS chief said adding that even if his name was nominated, he would not accept it.

Source: ANI