Booth School of Business launches globally renowned Accelerated Development Program in India

New Delhi, Aug 23 : Northwest Executive Education has partnered with University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education to launch a program for senior executives in the Indian sub-continent, The Chicago Booth Accelerated Development Program-India (Chicago Booth ADP - India).

Chicago Booth ADP - India offers significant exposure to key business concepts and strategies in an intensive format over 10 months, with three academic in-class modules at the University of Chicago and Booth campuses in New Delhi, Hong Kong, and Chicago; as well as three workshop sessions, three online foundation programs, and several peer assisted learning exercises offered by their partner, Northwest Executive Education.

The program will begin in December 2016. "The ADP India program builds upon the years of learning from ADP London as well as Singapore and brings an exceptional academic program to executives in the region.

As the name indicates, it accelerates the growth of business leaders, building functional as well as strategic and leadership skills and aims to impart knowledge that creates transformation in organizations, using The Chicago Approach said Renu Kulkarni, Associate Dean for Executive Education at Chicago Booth School of Business.

The program aims to bring together a group of proven senior executives who are responsible for key organizational activities.

The program is designed for those who are keen to develop a wider general management perspective outside their traditional area of control and expertise, to take their careers and organizations to the next level.

ADP actively leverages the unique strengths of Chicago Booth in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Finance as participants learn general management essentials from world-renowned faculty at one of the world's most prestigious and highly acclaimed business schools.

Program participants will become a part of the global ADP network on completion of the program. Chicago Booth faculty will engage participants in a learning environment where the principal modes are discourse and discussion.

They will ask participants to take an active role in uncovering the ideas and facts that lead to new solutions.

ADP provides a forum to share business problems and craft solutions, to learn the necessary skills to address whatever issue may arise.

Northwest Executive Education brings several years of experience in the executive education domain and has collaborated with other top ranked global schools to design and deliver high quality executive education programs for senior executives in India, South East Asia and the Middle east.

Northwest Education is managed by alumni of Harvard Business School and Berkeley-Haas with significant leadership experience at executive positions in global organizations.

University of Chicago and Chicago Booth School of Business have been big believers in India as well as the sub-continent and the potential for the economies to continue to grow and out-perform the rest of the world.

This belief is reflected in the establishment of the UChicago Center in New Delhi and in the number of initiatives launched in the region by the university -- from public policy reform to pollution control to business management.

To continue to support this rapid pace of change and growth, Chicago Booth is now launching this global, highly successful and acclaimed executive development initiative, The Chicago Booth Accelerated Development Program - India, following the success of ADP in London and Singapore.

Source: ANI