BORN enters Japan Market

Tokyo [Japan], May 11 (ANI-Businesswire India): BORN (, an award-winning global company that combines creative design, content production and ecommerce services, has entered the burgeoning Japanese ecommerce market.

BORN operates in several offices worldwide (New York, Toronto, London, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hong Kong and Singapore).

It will serve the Japanese market with a direct presence and through several local partners. The two partners appointed by BORN are Fidel Technologies and Yellowstone Consulting Co. Ltd. "Fidel and Yellowstone are ideal partners for us - they give us market access, technological support and local expertise to augment our core creative commerce competency," commented Prakash Gurumoorthy, BORN's Partner and Managing Director for Asia Pacific (and) Japan.

"Fidel Technologies ( looks forward to the partnership with BORN for the Japanese market.

Fidel has been in Japan for more 15 years and works closely with Japanese companies in the areas of system integration, product localization and implementation.

Japanese clients can now go global by leveraging Fidel's ground level execution capabilities coupled with BORN's specialized Creative, Content (and) Commerce offering (and) experience in the Fashion, Retail, F (and) B, Hospitality industries," said Sunil Kulkarni, President of Fidel Technologies.

"Yellowstone Consulting (, is excited to announce the partnership with leading Creative Commerce Digital agency, BORN to develop Japanese eCommerce market.

Yellowstone works with leading brands from fashion industry (and) we will provide value-added services to these customers by leveraging BORN's unique offerings.

This is just a first step towards long term partnership journey (and) we look forward to expand our new business and establish BORN as a brand in Japan," said Noriyasu (Norick) Kida, President of Yellowstone Consulting.(ANI-Businesswire India).

Source: ANI