‘Bourne Legacy’ director looking after final editing of ‘Rogue One’?

London, Aug 5 : 'Bourne Legacy' director Tony Gilroy has taken up the baton and is working heavily on the extensive re-shoots of 'Star Wars' prior its release.

According to sources, these five-week re-shoots were to "add more humour," reports the Independent. Reportedly, Gilroy has taken the lead, while Gareth Edwards, the film's director, is giving "inputs." The reports also details about a collaborative and positive relationship between the two directors who have worked on 'Godzilla.' "There are not two separate editing rooms; they are all in there with their ideas.

Tony's a strong force, but they're all working together," said a source. The report further stated that the re-shoots focused on several issues, most importantly the ending which apparently, goes directly into 'Star War: A New Hope.'.

Source: ANI