Brands cash in on actor Bose’s two bananas

Chandigarh, July 30 : You may find it hard to digest, but brands are not slipping on the opportunity of gaining from the banana movement of actor Rahul Bose.

With Bose freaking out at being charged Rs 442.50 for two bananas by JW Marriott in Chandigarh, the industry is responding to a business preposition through tongue-in-cheek slogans on the social media.

Godrej's retail chain Nature's Basket markets itself by saying, "There is no reason to say Na-Na to our bananas #RahulBoseMoment".

It priced a pair of bananas at Rs 14 after putting a cross on Rs 422.50.

On July 22, the actor shared a video on Twitter showing how JW Marriott charged him Rs 442.50 for just two bananas.

"Protect your family from financial insecurity after you at the cost of 2 bananas and protect them from the lemons that life might give them," said

Budget lodging brand OYO too has come out with a cheeky comparison.

"Don't slip," said an Oyo Rooms advertisement showing a banana peel.

"For Rs 422 you can get a whole room."

Taj Mumbai has come out with offer by saying they serve complementary bananas and seasonal fruits.

Another grocery vendor Reliance SMART says: "People may be #GoingBananas over the cost of bananas, but the price of bananas at the Reliance SMART superstore will make you go ga ga.

Visit today! #SMARTgiri #RahulBoseMoment"

Pizza Hut compared Rs 442 banana to its Rs 99 pizzas.

"You paid Rs 442 for a fruit instead of getting the tastiest pizza just at Rs 99," it said.

Taking a jibe, Pizza Hut advertisement adds, "Are you bananas?"

Added food-delivery site Zomato: "You could get a banana milkshake and banana split in less than the amount the 52-year-old actor paid for his bananas".

To rub salt to injury, the Chandigarh Excise and Taxation Department has slapped a fine of Rs 25,000 on JW Marriott for overcharging after Bose's tweet.



Source: IANS