Brides-to-be can now prep-up for life after marriage

By A.Kameshwari New Delhi, July 12 : Heads up brides-to-be as Amila, a finishing lounge exclusively for women, will not only groom you for your 'big day' but also train you for the life after marriage.

This lounge launched recently in NCR will positively help you in getting rid of your nervousness and give you a sense of relaxation prior to your wedding.

Whether it's using the right make-up, arranging the best trousseau to host a get together at home, learning to manage wardrobe to kitchen, personal grooming and social etiquettes, Amila trains you from your tip to toe for and after your wedding.

"Wedding is a big affair in India.

While the aspect of grooming, attire, photography and everything has been sorted and available easily in the market, nobody has actually touched the arena of life after getting married.

At Amila, we look at the whole picture of the word 'marriage'.

We train the brides-to-be about managing house as well as social etiquettes.

Above all, we promote the mantra that beauty is within oneself, so we also provide fitness classes," Gunjan Agnihotri, Founder, Amila Lounge, told ANI.

Apart from all this, the lounge has also focused on providing mental help to the customers.

Since every bride-to-be is anxious about their matrimonial life, this lounge also has a psychiatrist in their panel who guide them in getting rid of their stress and anxiety.

The kitchen management course here is being taught by celebrity chef Neeta Mehta while celebrity stylist Anshita Jain Sehgal provides grooming sessions with special focus on make-up and hairstyling.

The training course here is for six weeks and can be customized according to one's need.