Caitlyn Jenner’s reaction if ‘little girl’ Kendall was to change her sex

London [UK], May 7 : Caitlyn Jenner has spilled the beans on how she would react if her daughter Kendall Jenner wanted to turn into a man.

While promoting her new memoir, 'The Secrets Of My Life,' that revolves around her struggle with gender identity, the 67-year-old reality star recalled an incidence, wherein somebody asked her as to what if her "darling little girl" wanted to become a guy, reported.

"My first reaction is 'Oh my god.' My little Kendall, my cute and adorable little girl? The initial shock of it was tough, but that's what parents go through and I understand that.

So it's tough on everybody," the 'I Am Cait' star said. The Olympic athlete-turned-reality star, who underwent full gender reassignment surgery in January, came out as a trans woman during a television interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015.

Source: ANI