Casio to Release New G-SHOCK with Bold Face for Urban Sports

Tokyo, Aug.11 : Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of a new addition to the G-SHOCK family of shock-resistant watches.

The GA-500 features a new design based on the theme of urban sports. With its bold round face and cross design, the new G-SHOCK GA-500 features robust cross-shaped parts and large 3D hands.

The look evokes a bike tire or skateboard wheel. The high-impact hour, minute, and retrograde hands highlight the 3D design achieved with original Casio resin molding technology.

The watch is exceptionally easy to read, with the layering of its eye-catching, cross-shaped design feature, retrograde inset dial, LCDs, dial, index, and 3D hands.

A sporty three-dimensional face design has been achieved. A slant shape has been adopted for all the side buttons, thereby reducing button contact with the wrist.

In timekeeping mode, the large front button can be used to start the stopwatch with just one press. The new model is also equipped with a useful target time alarm function that can be used for setting goal notification during training, for example.

The use of a dual-coil motor enables the GA-500 to feature a large inset retrograde dial at the six o'clock position that is easy to read.

The combination of a retrograde hand with a lower LCD can provide a variety of information, including stopwatch status and mode selection.

Source: ANI