Centre issues warning as cold wave set to loom over northwest India

New Delhi [India], Jan. 9: The Centre on Monday issued precautionary warning as the cold wave intensifies over the region of northwest India including the states of Punjab, Haryana and northern parts of Rajasthan.

Under these circumstances, the prevailing minimum temperatures over plains of northwest India are very likely to fall further by two to four degree Celsius till January 13.

In another 24 hours, the persisting western disturbance will move eastwards leading to clear sky and reversal of winds from southeasterly to northwesterly or northerly winds.

Clear skies as well as dry and icy winds from North direction will aid in dropping the minimum temperatures significantly leading to cold-day conditions.

This frost is likely to damage Rabi crop but if farmers are warned beforehand then they can protect their crops by irrigating the farms.

Ergo, farmers have been advised to irrigate their crops in next 24 to 48 hours..

Source: ANI