Centre keeps eye on disease outbreak in Kerala, sets up camps

New Delhi, Aug 19 : The Centre has set up 3,757 medical camps in flood-battered Kerala to prevent epidemic diseases even though no outbreak of any communicable disease has been reported there so far, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

"While no outbreak of any communicable disease has been reported, health experts opine that once floodwaters start to recede, the environment will become conducive for epidemic diseases.

The state has been asked for daily surveillance to detect early warning signs of any outbreak," a Ministry statement said.

Health advisories on infectious diseases, their prevention and control, safe drinking water, hygiene steps, vector control and others have been shared with the state.

"Following the state's request, the first batch of 90 types of medicines in requested quantity will reach Kerala on Monday."

It said that quick-response teams will also be sent to Kerala for emergency medical care.

"We are extending all support and continuously monitoring the flood situation.

The Health Secretary is in touch with the state's health functionaries and monitoring the situation daily through the disease surveillance network," the statement quoted Union Health Minister J.P.

Nadda as saying.

Nadda said that he had spoken to Kerala Health Minister K.K. Shailaja and is monitoring the situation and coordinating with other states providing medicines to the flood-affected state.



Source: IANS