‘Chatan’ Bhagat loses to Piers Morgan in Twitter-trolling battle

New Delhi, Aug. 24 : There are a very few who can take on the king of trolling- Piers Morgan and walk away unscathed and just as well, Indian author Chetan Bhagat joined the list of his victims today after an epic Twitter battle that left the internet in tears.

Morgan, who earlier came under fire for mocking India's grand celebrations of its lone two medals from the recently concluded Rio Olympics, came under an onslaught of attack by the Indian Twitterati, including Bhagat.

"We honor achievers Peirs. Top 3 in the world,despite 3rd world sports facilities isn't loser. It is freaking amazing!," Bhagat tweeted. All hell broke loose after Piers' subtle yet nuclear reply which said, "Noted, Chatan." It clearly took a while for Bhagat to understand what had just happened, as his reply was a clear indication of him not registering the smackdown he had just received.

"It's Chetan. And sorry about the trolling. I get my fair share. Celebration or outrage, we tend to overdo.Clearly :)" It took for Piers to literally break down and explain his troll for Bhagat to finally get a clue that he had been taken to court, without him even knowing about it.

"I know how to spell your name. It was a little joke because you didn't know how to spell mine....," Piers wrote, to which Bhagat gave a pert face-saving reply saying, "haha.

Got that. My bad." Finally after being ripped apart on Twitter, Bhagat gave an 'explanation' behind his tweet. "You realize you have reached somevhere when your autocorrect typos make news. Thanks guys. Somewhere. Yes," Piers did not seem to want to dignify this with a response as he was busy doing his thing and giving it back to his assailants on the social platform.

"1,200,000,000 people and not a single Gold medal at the Olympics? Come on India, this is shameful. Put the bunting away (and) get training," "India's the fastest growing economy on the planet. Stop whining (and) get training." "Dear Indian Twitter, @sachin_rt only follows 77 people (and) I am one of them.

Do the maths. #Winners," "If India can produce a batsman as brilliant as @sachin_rt then it can produce Gold medal winning Olympians.

Needs investment (and) focus." These were only some of the scorching tweets by Piers which did the job and shut his trolls.

Source: ANI