Cheat days are for ‘weak’ people: John on dieting, exercise

Mumbai, July 28 : John Abraham, who is known for his fit and healthy lifestyle, recently stated that he never had a cheat day in his diet and exercises, adding, those days are for people who are "weak." "I never had a cheat day.

Someone somewhere asked me, 'how ridiculous, you did not have a cheat day?' I said that's the way of my life.

To me cheat days are for those people who want to cheat, who are weak," he told media here during an event yesterday.

Further, encouraging the youth to take up healthy lifestyle, the 43-year-old actor said, "I would encourage everyone to go out and go for some physical activities and get into a fantastic shape.

Shape does not mean having six packs. It means leading a good lifestyle. You must think clean in your head and you will be fantastic." On the related note, John spoke about the nuances of being addicted social media and said that it makes people "couch potatoes." "Social media is of course important.

But it's that people are only busy with it. They have become couch potatoes. No one really gets out," he added. On work front, the actor will have his much-awaited movie 'Dishoom' released today. The Rohit Dhawan directed movie also stars Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Akhay Khanna in it.

Source: ANI