Chennai: Indian Oils R (and) D advised to take part in containment of oil spill

New Delhi [India], Feb. 3 : The Petroleum Ministry has advised Indian Oil's R (and) D to take active part in the containment of the oil spill that took place near Ennore Port at Chennai recently.

The Tamil Nadu Government is currently engaged in clearing the oil spill. Fisheries Minister D. Jayakumar yesterday said that around 60 tonnes of oil sludge have been collected, while efforts are on to collect the remaining 20 tonnes.

"As soon as we got the information, all the administrative machinery had a meeting with the Chief Secretary and with concerned port authorities and all departments.

Around 15 departments are involved in this and around 1,025 employees are working non-stop," Jayakumar told ANI.

"Till now 60 tonnes of oil have been collected and only 20 more tonnes is remaining," he added. Responding to rumours that marine life has been affected due to the oil spill, Jayakumar said, "We collected various samples of fish in Marina, Pattinapakkam and Mahabalipuram beaches.

We sent those to lab to test to see whether fish have been contaminated or not. They said it was perfectly fine, it is consumable." The incident took place on January 28 when 'M T BW Maple', with a flag of 'Isle of Man', was leaving after emptying Liquefied Petroleum Gas and M T Dawn, Kanchipuram, loaded with petroleum oil lubricant, was on its way to berth at the Ennore port.

Source: ANI